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Aperio AB

We empower individuals and companies lay the foundation for further development, improvement and efficiency through customized consulting services. We use a coaching approach.

Central issues are what, why and how

  • What:     Highlight goals - what do you want?
  • Why:      Awareness of the inner underlying belief - why do you want it?
  • How:      Visualize how you want to proceed based on what you have and what you need.

A prosperous, healthy, organization consists of involved, motivated employees who are seen and can contribute to the whole. Our workplaces need to be able to adapt to a changing environment. This process of change is usually governed by a flow of information. The success of the process is guided by how well leaders and coworkers are aware of what is happening, how things happen and foremost why it happens. This creates understanding and empowerment that promotes involvement. When we feel that a process is meaningful, we help driving it forward. This lays the foundation for a positive climate with increased well-being and a sense of coherence.

Aperio empowers you and your organization to visualize what is happening

Aperio empowers you to create an organization that is based on comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness so that you can develop, improve and streamline the organization. A step in this process is to visualize what works and what is in need of further development in order to reach the full potenial of you and your organization.